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It's impossible to imagine as well, and according to Einsteinian law it should be impossible, but it works. With only 13 guesses, you simultaneously play across various A Wordle grids, attempting to identify all eight words simultaneously.

As you're able to imagine this will introduce a myriad of new strategies to Wordle. If you thought your starting word was important then think about it trying to cover eight different starts at the same time. And then , what's the second one? Are you one of those who adds a whole other set of five letters (and making it clear you're not engaged in Wordle in its shady "Hard Mode"), or someone who starts exploring solutions? Is it the right time to put another word as a starter, to get as much of the alphabet as much as you can? (Whisper it how about the other four?)

Similar to Quordle, where you solve four puzzles simultaneously (in the latter case with eight guesses) Once you've solved one word that is correct, the grid stops, so you can focus your focus. With eight times as many answers to discover, it dramatically increases your chance of also encountering a tricky word within the puzzle, which means you'll need to change your methods to take that into consideration, too. Is it possible to use some more obscure letters early on, to catch them as soon as possible?

I feel like I'm pretty poor at it. I'm always glued to solving one of the grids, to the detriment of the other seven in which I abandon any consideration of tactics in a mad-brained in search of one answer that is a complete disaster. But even after that I've completed the challenge successfully. Which is more shocking to me than any other player. (Not this morning, however. Was missing two whole words.)

Fortunately, as with Quordle and Quordle, along with the daily dordle game unblocked that's identical for everyone, there are "practice" games too, where you can take as many games as you want with randomly selected groups of words. (I did one this morning, to make me more comfortable.)


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